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Tim Collins knelt and Rainer's side, and patted him on the shoulder. You don't have to like it, but we needed you here today, and you did fine. Rainer took a deep breath and looked up into Tim's eyes. I'm fine. I never imagined such a one-sided victory. We really need you now. Mike and the others want us to help gather wounded and prisoners. Rainer thought he could gut a whale with it. He was sure his native German tongue, in addition to his five foot rifle and attached bayonet, would keep any prisoners in line. Rainer advanced into the field beside Tim.

The line of Grantville riflemen advanced cautiously on the fallen tercio. Rainer woke up to Melissa rubbing his chest. He welcomed it more than he otherwise might.

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Melissa's touch helped him clear his mind of the fleeting images of death and fear that had haunted him all night. Bob had pointed out during a dinner conversation a few nights ago, with pity, that he still had his wife and his child with him while Rainer's whole family was gone. There was much discussion in Grantville about what happened to the world they left behind. Some people thought it continued to exist somehow, whether it be in a separate universe or otherwise. Others thought that only the present existed, and the twentieth century world outside Grantville no longer existed.

The debate didn't concern Rainer too much.

Either way, he would never again see his family. One result was that he felt closer to the Clemson family. Rainer and Melissa dressed and went to the kitchen.

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Pat and Bob were already up and preparing breakfast. Tim Collins had once commented to Rainer that Germans were world class eaters. At the time, Rainer asked for an explanation. He told Rainer that his eating habits have never been the same since he left Germany. Rainer then understood completely. His friends and acquaintances at West Virginia University never took as much pleasure in eating as he did. The Clemson family, however, would match any German family in their ability to deliver a fulfilling meal. The smell of Pat's frying bacon got Rainer's mouth watering.

The warm and eager stack of pancakes further assailed his senses. Rainer felt truly blessed to be a part of the Clemson family. He sat down at the table and expressed as much to Bob. Rainer saw Melissa give her dad a dirty look. Rainer's slightly less than fluent English caught up a moment later. I don't think so. Those were the dirtiest women I've ever seen. Everyone had a laugh at that.

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Pat came to the table and put a few pieces of bacon on everyone's plate. Some of the other Grantville riflemen had a bit trouble with prisoners, but it seemed to Rainer that the men he dealt with were relieved they were being rounded up by a fellow German.

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Some of them at the time seemed to expect demons would take them off the field, especially after the thrashing they received from the M and riflemen. Rainer smiled. Rainer retaliated by taking a bacon strip from her plate. Melissa punched him in the arm while Bob laughed through a mouthful of pancakes. Rainer managed to get the bacon in his mouth before Melissa hurt him too much.

He once again decided he was lucky. Gerd hobbled off of his cot and out of the tent. His leg was still extremely tender from the gunshot wound he received several days earlier. A young woman had cleaned it and bandaged him up with skill. He was still expecting it to get infected, but Rainer had assured him it would be fine if he kept it clean. Johann was already out of the tent and had a fire going. Mathias was still sleeping inside. He stoked the small fire.

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Gerd pulled up one of the small folding chairs given to him by a doctor from Grantville and sat close to the fire. My leg stopped aching long enough for me to fall asleep. He said he'd bring some by if he could spare any. Of the three men sharing the tent, he was the most fortunate and wasn't wounded in the battle. He shifted his stiff leg away from the fire. Whatever it was, I couldn't have walked very far with my leg in the shape it was.

Rainer was full of shit when he told us it was magic. I'll ask him again when he shows up. Gerd tossed the can back into the bag. He hoped Rainer would bring something good, as he'd developed a taste for the soup in the cans that Rainer first gave them. Mathias staggered out of the tent with a hand over his left eye. Its easy to wake up early when you didn't get your ass shot off. Johann gave a shrug without comment. Mathias sat on a log next to Gerd and took a swig of water from a canteen on the ground. It still throbs, but I don't think it will explode anymore.

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Whatever caught me in the eye shot through him first. That young girl who fixed me up said that a piece of metal grazed by my eye and came out the side of my face. It looks worse than it feels.

go here Do you think you'll see through it again? They want to put a temporary eye patch on me later, once it heals more. I'll look dashing! Neither Mathias nor Johann doubted Gerd. He was several inches taller and several dozen pounds heavier than either of them. Rainer said that since I worked with at my grandfather's apothecary for some time, they were considering having me follow that Moor around, or possibly help keep their Other than that, he'd have trouble asking what time it is. It was covered in a crumpled metal sheet of some kind and got the other three German's attention.

The three German ex-soldiers all gasped when they saw the large stack of pancakes with a decent sized clump of bacon next to it. The meat was going to spoil soon, so I told her of some new arrivals with huge stomachs, and she happily cooked the rest for you scoundrels to eat. Several minutes later, the three soldiers sat back with full stomachs. Johann was the first to finish. The pancakes went down like a lead weight.

It burns gasoline.