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Common Knowledge Series Clearwater Crossing. Clearwater Crossing Series by cover. The Kids 1 by Jerry B. Clearwater Crossing Series by cover 1—8 of 20 next show all. Get a Life by Laura Peyton Roberts. Reality Check by Laura Peyton Roberts. Promises, Promises by Laura Peyton Roberts. Just Friends by Laura Peyton Roberts.

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Keep the Faith by Laura Peyton Roberts. New Beginnings by Laura Peyton Roberts. Only Melanie knows how far from her perfect her life is, and only Leah knows the real Miguel. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Clearwater Crossing Awards LibraryThing Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. The Medusa Tree. The problem was the living of a life that was not hers, a life that was disconnected from her spirit.

Is the cure as simple as acknowledging that I really want something, and then refusing to give up or settle until I find it? Again, what a wonderful lovely story, Ms. And it always feels wonderful knowing that I'm not alone even when my life seems odd. Yes, I do too obsessed with food, but unlike the narrator I'm obsessed to gain my weight.

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For most of my life, people think I'm so lucky I don't gain weight easily. But they don't know how much I want to have more weight in my body. My friends thought I have eating di 3. My friends thought I have eating disorder since they knew I eat pretty much anything, it's quite hard for me to buy clothes that fits in my size, my close friends even called me a hobbit sometimes. I know it's only a joke but still it hurts me. I once have an obsession to eat as much as I can. The narrator says she does everything in threes I often do in multiple five.

I set books for Goodreads Reading Challenge and books for , I buy at least five books every month or 10 books if I don't buy it in previous month, and the list can go on. It's kind of amazing how my life connected to this short story. But I have one thing that quite distracted me.


From first person POV in chapter 1 to 3 to third person narrative in chapter 4 and 5 and then back again to first person POV in chapter 6 hide spoiler ]. I received a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review. After breaking up with her rich boyfriend who squelched her creativity and true self, Heather stops drinking and begins bingeing on food. Feeling disconnected from her spirit, she also feels it's dangerous for her spirit to reside in her.

She ends up going to a bookstore, and getting an audiobook called The Red Shoes: She becomes focused on red shoes, convinced the I received a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review. She becomes focused on red shoes, convinced they're the answer to finding meaning in her life again. This was a story I could read again and again - I loved it that much.

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It's my favorite of the three and pulled me in right away. I was able to relate to this story more than the first one, which might be why it's my favorite. It's almost like a story within a story, and I wanted to find out what happened with the story Heather listened to on audiobook. I wondered if it was a real book, so I looked it up and it is very real. I might listen to it as well!

Read more of my reviews at my blog, Donnie Darko Girl. It even had a happily ever after, though we only meet the prince charming for like two seconds. After breaking off with her rich boyfriend and giving up alcohol, a young woman feels detached from herself. She feels disconnected from her spirit and in order to fill that void, she binges.

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But she still feels empty. But when she comes across an audiobook exploring an old fairy tale, she can't resist buying it.

The story of the Red Shoes ends up changing her life. She figures out what she was missing in her life, and what she needs to do in order to find herself again. She finally finds fulfillment and happiness in her life. She even finds her true love and a happily ever after.

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It's a story one can relate to and easily understand. A good job by the author. I received an ecopy of this book for a book blog tour in exchange for a review. Again there I received an ecopy of this book for a book blog tour in exchange for a review.

I liked the protagonist, and how the author exposes her feeling, some of her problems are really familiar to me.

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  • I am a candyholic, I know I just invented that word. So anyone who had ever had problems with sweets will understand the main character and will like her. This was a very short tale, only 33 pages but it sure did pack a punch. I could totally relate to the main character and feeling lost in my life. I think my favorite quote from the book would have to be: Jul 01, Jennifer rated it it was amazing.

    A short story which hits its mark! Short stories can be hit or miss. This is a hit! I fully enjoyed this narrative and was happy to keep turning the pages.