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Digital Operations Specialist — Do you find yourself being the person who explains things like malware, VPNs, MAC addresses or virtual currencies to your friends and family? Digital Operations Specialists are computer and network pros who tactically assist investigative teams with identifying, seizing and analyzing digital evidence related to online activities encountered during investigations. As an Electronics Technician, you may be installing or performing corrective maintenance on a variety of FBI systems to ensure the safety of the American people.

You will have opportunities nationwide, but consider applying to our Washington, DC, Headquarters location if you have the following expertise and interests:. ITS-FEs use their technical capabilities scientifically by applying rigor and process to the evaluation, preservation and collection of digital evidence.

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Budget Analyst — As a Budget Analyst with the FBI, you will be involved in developing, analyzing or executing budgets, preparing data in support of the budgetary cycle, analyzing and comparing budget estimates for variations, making recommendations to upper management regarding a number of issues, including transfers and reallocation of funding and much more!

As a Security Specialist, you will provide direct support and service to the administration of FBI security programs, initiate appropriate security checks, process background investigations, conduct personnel security interviews and security briefings and much more.

Management and Program Analyst — As a Management and Program Analyst, you will research and develop projects in budget and financial management, compliance, forecasting and more. You will investigate and evaluate short- and long-range program goals, objectives and milestones for compliance with overall mission.

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Duties involve preparing complete, clear and concise formal and informal reports, correspondence, briefings, charts, tables and graphs. Applicants will also be required to provide their GPA, anticipated graduation date, veteran status and any other information related to work experience in their application. The Visiting Scientist Program gives applicants the chance to work within the FBI Laboratory, one of the largest and most comprehensive crime labs in the world. To see more information, click here. Only individuals possessing strong academic credentials, outstanding character and a high degree of motivation will be selected for the Visiting Scientist Program.

In order to be considered, applicants must meet all of the following qualifications at the time that they apply:. Participants are selected based on academic records, recommendations, applied research interests, and compatibility of background with applied research programs and projects at the CFSRU. Selection is also dependent upon availability of funds, staff programs and equipment.

The initial offer to participate in the Visiting Scientist Program is conditional because candidates selected must undergo an extensive FBI background investigation and receive an FBI security clearance in order to be eligible to participate in the program. The program is open to U.

Selected Agency Knowledge Paths, 1st Edition

The hiring process will depend on the length of the background investigation. When conditional job offers are made and the candidates complete the necessary e-QIP application and preliminary processing, the FBI will begin the background investigation. Background investigation length can be affected by things like foreign travel, international friends or contacts, and other factors. However, most entry-on-duties EODs will take place during the summer after applications are due. The Applicant Coordinator, or designated field office representative from your local FBI Field Office , is your point of contact throughout this process.

The Honors Internship Program is for students who have not yet graduated or who are not graduating until at least Fall of the year after they apply. The Collegiate Hiring Initiative is for students who are graduating through Summer of the year they apply, or who have graduated within 24 months of applying. For example, a student graduating in Summer may not apply for the Honors Internship Program, but is eligible to apply for the Collegiate Hiring Initiative.

Interdisciplinary Studies - Financial Market Regulation

No exceptions will be made to the policy, and your answers are subject to verification by urinalysis and pre-employment polygraph examination s. Please review the Employment Eligibility page to ensure you are eligible to apply for employment with the FBI. Many of the permanent positions at the FBI are internationally oriented, and experience living or traveling abroad is often viewed as a positive experience.

However, there are cases in which national security concerns may arise. Extensive foreign experience may delay the background investigation process if there is difficulty verifying information on the application. You must be a United States citizen to apply. If you are a United States citizen with dual citizenship, you may apply if you are willing to renounce your non-U. Dual citizens who renounce their non-U. You will be notified in writing if you have not been accepted. You may contact the Applicant Coordinator in your processing field office at any time to ascertain your status.

All roommates, however, must undergo a security check.

Upon entering on duty, you and your roommates must complete a roommate background data form. Transit subsidies are available contingent upon available funding. Field office assigned interns or hires are expected to live within a commutable distance to the office they are applying to and utilize the most appropriate transportation. An intern or employee may drive to his or her assignment, but travel expenses are not reimbursed. Individuals working in Quantico, Virginia or Clarksburg, West Virginia must have their own method of transportation to and from work.


Interns earn annual and sick leave while on a full-time schedule for 10 weeks during the summer only. Appropriate attire for men includes business suits, sport jackets and slacks, shirts and ties. Appropriate attire for women includes business dresses, dress suits, pants suits and professional blouses. Interns work on a variety of projects, including but not limited to : analyzing crime data, development of portals to facilitate the exchange of information between law enforcement agencies and the FBI, supporting operations and aiding with divisions audits to ensure compliance with FBI regulations.

For more information on Collegiate Hire work experiences, please visit the Collegiate Hiring Initiative section.

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Interns are not guaranteed a job offer for a full-time position. However, interns who have graduated and receive recommendations for hire may be extended a job offer. If the job offer is accepted, they are converted to a permanent position pending their completion of 16 hours per month of work at the field office during the rest of their academic tenure.

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Skip to main content. Apply to Jobs. Beginning a Career with the FBI. Attend a college or university full time as an undergraduate freshman, sophomore, junior or senior , graduate or post-doctoral student.

What is a Service Center and What Federal Regulations Apply?

Students are not eligible if they will graduate before the program start date; exceptions are permitted to students continuing their education in the semester immediately following. Have and maintain a 3. A first-semester freshman or student attending a school that does not provide a GPA will need to meet alternate criteria. Instead of a 3. Pass all of the FBI employment background investigation requirements and be able to receive a Top-Secret security clearance.

Educational Disciplines The FBI is interested in applicants with a wide range of educational backgrounds. Flexibility and adaptability. Initiative and self-motivation. Collaboration — works well with others.

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