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They barely make it to the exit when the two old men steal the lamp and leave everyone buried in the cave under the desert sands. Luckily, Abu had stolen the lamp back.

Aladdin unleashes an all-powerful Genie, who becomes Aladdin's servant and offers to grant him three wishes. After tricking the Genie to getting everyone out of the cave without using up a wish, Aladdin's makes a promise to free him from the lamp with his thrid wish.

For his first official wish, Aladdin wishes to be a prince so that he may have a chance with Princess Jasmine. Everyone parades back into Agrabah, but Aladdin immediately gets shot down by Jasmine, who doesn't recognize him as the boy from the market place. Refusing to give up, Aladdin takes Jasmine for a romantic ride on the magic carpet. During which, he accidently reveals his identity to her. Neltharion suggested to Jafar that he should marry the princess, but first they attempt to get "Prince Ali" out of the way.

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While Leo fills everyone in on the story of his origins, Jafar orders the guards to tie up Ali and drown him in the river, but he is saved by Leo and Genie which counts as Aladdin's second wish. They return to the palace to confront Jafar and Neltharion, who see the lamp in Aladdin possession and elude the sultan's guards.

Also, Leo reveals outloud Neltharion's true name: Deathwing. Iago, Jafar's right hand parrot, steals the lamp and the amulet from Aladdin and Leo under Jafar's orders. Meanwhile, the Fantasy Adventure team find an ancient scroll that tells about the brooch's magical power, thus making Rae the owner of the brooch.

When Jasmine and the Sultan refuse to bow to him, Jafar then wishes to be the most powerful sorcer in the world, and banishes Aladdin to the ends of the Earth. Benny, Leo, Johnny and Rae fly on their new winged-lion to rescue Aladdin and Abu while the rest of the Fantasy Adventure team stays behind to find away back into the palace.

The leaders manage to return and confront Deathwing and Jafar in an all out duel for the fate of Agrabah, and the lives of their loved ones. Deathwing reveals his true form to everyone who were in shock as he transforms into a monsterous dragon, and in the end, the Team defeat Deathwing, Aladdin tricks Jafar into using his last wish to become an all-powerful genie, who gets sucked into a black magic lamp and sent flying by Genie over the desert and into the Cave of Wonders. Leo is reunited with his long lost birth parents, and Aladdin keeps his promise to free Genie with his last wish.

The Sultan sees that Aladdin is worth more than he appears, and gladly allows Princess Jasmine to marry whomever she deems worthy and she chooses Aladdin. Genie goes off to see the world, destined to meet the Fantasy Adventure team again in the future as well as accompany their allies, the Jungle Adventure team. After the Fantasy Adventure team leaves, Aladdin and Jasmine happily celebrate their engagement.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Trivia This is the first adventure that features a new intro that incorporates Rae, Rafiki and Lion.

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Leo does the voice of Neltharion Deathwing in Antro-lion form. From that point on, Araki decided to make Jojo as genuinely bizarre as he could - starting with the main characters of each story arc. Even if you're a die-hard fan, we're sure there are at least a few hidden details you've missed surrounding the Joestar clan and their allies. That's where this article comes in. Kenshiro pioneered many staples of battle anime culture, including "Rapid Punch Attacks" and those "You are already dead" memes.

Consequently, Ken inspired Johnathan Joestar's design and special moves near the end of Phantom Blood. Kenshiro also indirectly influencing the stand cries from later arcs, further entwining Fist of the North Star and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure! Following the tragic conclusion of Phantom Blood, Battle Tendency kicked into high gear.

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But by the end, Joseph matured into a bonafide hero - mastering the Ripple and defeating Kars at the cost of his left hand. By the time Part 3 rolls in, Joseph is older, wiser, and in possession of a Stand - making him the only character to wield a Stand and use Ripple in the entire series! Despite his gigantic stature and dour demeanor, Jotaro was only 17 years old during Stardust Crusaders! Jotaro was still maturing, much to the chagrin of his allies. You see, Jotaro hardly wanted to do anything short of stand around and brood.

Turns out there isn't a direct translation of this phrase. Jotaro Kujo is undoubtedly the most popular member of the Joestar clan. But just because fans fawn over a character doesn't mean that Araki feels the same way. In fact, Araki's favorite member of the Joestar Clan is Josuke Higashikata: the unbreakable high schooler with a mean pompadour! Allegedly, Araki isn't that crazy about Jotaro, finding his devil-may-care attitude annoying.

Rumors aside, Araki admires Josuke's kind and compassionate personality, feeling that the world would be better if more people had a similar mindset. Also, you just can't beat a hairdo that stylish - it's a fact! Giorno Giovanna is one of the biggest departures from the Joestar clan - he's the son of DIO it's all caps now Brando while the latter possessed Johnathan Joestar's body!

Fittingly, the protagonist of Part 5 is Hirohiko Araki's 5th favorite character. Much like Josuke, Giorno possesses a caring personality and healing powers to boot. Araki ensures that what goes around comes around. Just as Jotaro gave Joseph hell in his youth, so too did his daughter Jolyne! As the first female lead of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure , Jolyne made it a point to prove that she was just as tough as any of her predecessors. Jolyne even refused to let anyone other than her mother call her Jojo - especially not Jotaro!

By the end of Stone Ocean , however, Jolyne warms up to the nickname and her father. Though he lacks direct ties to the Joestar family, Weather Report miraculously gets a Joestar birthmark!

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The guy has a truly bizarre fashion sense - namely, that gigantic hat of his. But there's a method to Araki's madness - well, most of the time. Considering how many music references are in Jojo , this makes sense. Gyro's an all around trailblazer in Part 7, acting as the main protagonist of Steel Ball Run until Johnny comes into his own. Do you know what Formicophilia is? In a nutshell, it's a fetish that means someone has an attraction to bug bites.

Hey, we're not here to knock anyone's kinks - especially since Johnny Joestar is a Formicophile. In a conversation that took place in Steel Ball Run , Johnny reveals that bug bites get him hot and bothered. But hey, that's what makes the manga all the more readable and the anime all the more watchable.

To rest our previously mentioned case, we present Josuke from JoJolion - a charming lad with a severe case of memory loss, two sets of irises, two tongues, and four testicles! Anime is more comfortable with nudity and explicit content than Western animation, but we hope we never see Josuke's junk! We get that authors try to double the stakes with every new story they create, but this is still out there. Tags: jojo's bizarre adventure. We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests.

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